About Cometic Gasket Ltd UK/Europe

Formed in 1999 to represent Cometic Inc in the UK and Europe, to develop through our competition engine customers custom gaskets, to redefine the phrase custom product into joint project development so as far as possible both Cometic and the customer can work together to improve and gain knowledge to produce the ultimate gasket for any application.

With our continued involvement in engine technology at manufacture and competition level we are constantly re evaluating MLS (Multi layer steel) gasket design transferring our increasing knowledge directly into our catalogue parts range.

We have built a network of specialized Cometic dealers throughout the UK believing that having companies with extensive knowledge and experience of a particular engine or car type can offer the customer advice on the correct Cometic gasket product best suited to your requirements.

About Cometic Gasket Inc. USA

Cometic Gasket Inc. is a worldwide supplier of shelf stock, custom and short run gaskets for the performance after market, original equipment and motor sport industry. The 70,000 square foot, state of the art manufacturing centre, Cometic gasket is located 30 miles east of Cleveland in Concord Ohio. Today Cometic produces and ships more than 8000 types of gaskets to customers worldwide.

Cometic is dedicated to customer satisfaction and provides quality products, delivered on time at a competitive price, designed for each customers specific application. Cometic is an industry leader in manufacturing processes and is committed to the highest possible quality materials paired with knowledgeable personnel. Cometic is also dedicated to continually improving all areas of its operations through employee development and involvement, as well as frequent review of customer feedback.

To ensure superior performance across a wide variety of engine types and sizes, Cometic manufactures gaskets from a wide range of materials. Whether the situation calls for the latest in advanced technology like MLS (Multi layer steel) gasket or a synthetic blend such as our Aramid Fibre, Cometic finds a solution, our in house tooling centres and rubber division ensure that we are in total control and on the manufacturing process. We stay on the forefront of gasket design technology by utilizing out in house dynamometers and engine assembly clean rooms to bring our distributors, retailers and ultimately the customer, the most reliable gaskets available today.

Cometic combines advanced materials with the most current manufacturing process to provide custom tailored solutions to meet the needs of each individual customer. Our design engineers have the ability to analyse the environment in which the gasket will perform, select the proper material and apply the appropriate technology to offer the highest performing gaskets available on the market, Cometic gaskets are the industry standard for championship winning teams across multiple disciplines of both professional and amateur motor sports.

Since its inception Cometic has been committed to producing superior quality gaskets for the high performance market, we believe close relationships and attention to detail are the catalysts of customer satisfaction. These values remain Cometic’s guiding principles to this day.



Rob Barker MD Cometic Gasket Ltd

Following an extensive engineering apprenticeship in the early 70s, including design manufacture and fabrication. During this period was involved closely in Pro Fuel, Drag Racing motorcycle engineering development and International Kart racing this was the catalyst for leaving my position as an engineering lecturer at Hertford University in 1972 to join Brian Hart Ltd as a race engine builder this was the most informative intercive period of my working life. With diverse Ford off season projects, World Rally programme, F2 and the F1 Turbo era the period was the berth of race engine electronics, controls and Turbo design a totally invaluable opportunity to learn and fully understand the internal combustion engine in the late 80s and 90s.  I was producing race engine components and freelance race engine building including motorcycle engine design for a major manufacturer and projects in supercharging, working in the USA, Germany, work in the UK including BTCC, F3, Indycar and many others. I am currently working with race engine manufacturers on gasket development projects, our ability as a company to still produce small run custom items leads Cometic into many avenues the larger gasket manufacturers would not even consider this leads to involvement at many levels on engine design new and old further increasing our knowledge of our product.



Cometic Gasket The Principals


Bob Gorman C.O.E. Cometic Inc. USA working for the largest competition piston manufacturer in the USA for two decades prior to forming his company in 1989, Bob has a wide understanding and extensive technical knowledge of most forms of motor sport including motorcycles, Indy car, Winston Cup, Stock Cars, Drag Racing and working direct with major manufacturers in all areas of engine development. Still actively involved in top level motor sport throughout the USA, he is constantly involved in problem solving and development of the MLS (Multi layer steel) working with the engine designers/engineers to insure the Cometic product always benefits from information and knowledge gained.

The Ohio Cometic complex now features material test labs, Engine dynos C.N.C. Centres for all in house tooling requirements the facility is now headed up by Bobs son Jeff Gorman.



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